Ending a Roll


Shooting film means shooting in sets of 16, 24, or 36 frames.  What ends up happening sometimes is that I don’t quite finish a roll, and then I’m left with a few extra frames to shoot before I can bring the roll in to be developed (I hate waste!).

Last time this happened, I grabbed C and told him that we were going to run around San Francisco for a little bit and finish the last few shots before dropping off the film.

A good sport, he agreed.

Drove in and found a cute little spot in the Mission in San Francisco.  Park. Run. Ooh, chilly. Pose. Snap. Pose more. Snap. Snap.


Run back to car.

It took a total of five minutes.  Probably less.  It was really cold.  And windy.

There may or may not have been some people in the car next to ours staring at our 5 minute shenanigans.


(Weirdos. Cool weirdos.  I think he was giving the people staring at us a weird look back.)



Hi there, male model!

Did I mention that it was the perfect lighting? Golden hour, in the shade– A natural light box of filtered sunlight.  Approximately 3 minutes after these photos were taken, after we had loaded ourselves back into the car and I was winding my film back into its canister, the light was gone.


Thinking about beautiful light gives me chills.  It really does.  It makes me happier than I can even explain.  Lights and shadows are among my favorite things in this world.  This photo right here, for example.  The sun is waving adieu to the sky, and the leaves trail shadows of varied light across textured surfaces.

I really should write a post dedicated to light and how it works in my photography.  Maybe that will be an upcoming post.  Stay tuned!

And because I rarely ever have photos of myself, here’s one of me:


And it’s a wrap!

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