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New York, New York (in BW)


There are some books that are written out of order– they start somewhere in the middle and piece together the various strands of the story into a woven tapestry of scenes, pictures, and images.  Not every moment is recorded, and not every scene is explained, but it all becomes one cohesive whole at the end (or beginning) (or middle).

My blog is much the same way.  It’s mostly linear, but I jump around like a nervous flea, unsure where the next juicy tidbit will be, but sure that it will be delicious when I get there.


Thus so, too, are my images from New York City.  We had three days to wander this massive city, and everything in memory became jumbled.  Some of it comes back in a rush, focusing on the lightspeoplesoundssmells– the hum of a massive life form that is the city itself.  The crush of people was incredible!

Other memories come back in snippets: of hot steam with a faint stink rising up under my skirt, of aching feet, of glimpses of people who stand out in this town where anything goes.


And yet, somehow, typical me, I find the pockets of quiet in between the people.  My camera lens is drawn to peace, even when there are actually hordes of people around.

Chris, observing me, once said, “Many people, when they need alone time, they go to the quiet of their homes and spend time by themselves.  You– when you need alone time, you seek out people and spend time with them.  Alone, but not alone.


He’s right.  I become wrapped in the quiet envelope of space that is all my own. I can be surrounded by people and yet hidden in my own pocket of peace.


I’ll be back in this City That Never Sleeps for a few days starting this weekend.  Hoping to capture a few more shots of this fabulous city!


//35mm black and white film photos taken with my Canon AE-1 on Ilford HP5 400 film.  Images were taken in SoHo, Central Park, and the Upper East Side (I think that’s what they’re called).  Captured a few in color, so I may throw those in for good measure in another post.

New York, New York! Visiting the City that Never Sleeps

Central Park, NY, NY Laduree Macarons! Tons of People in Central Park, NY, NY Central Park, NY, NY

Today we are briefly going to travel to the opposite coast from San Francisco. 

When I went back East to visit family in late October, I decided that a visit to New York City was in order. The last time I had visited NYC was, I think, in 2005 or 2006. And, for the most part, my trips back then were to play street volleyball (more on that in another post, I promise!), so I never got to really explore much outside of Chinatown. Plus, my old college roommate recently graduated from Columbia Business School and promised me a trip to the RuPaul’s Drag Race Night of the Living Drag (fantastic show, by the way) and a cozy spot on her couch.

Vamoose Bus ticket? Booked!

So my original idea was this: I wanted to wander New York like I wander San Francisco. Camera and large tote (for random finds in cute shops and bakeries) in hand, I would wander New York and snap shot after shot of its unique citizens and neighborhoods.

Alas, I made the mistake of thinking that 24 hours in New York were sufficient. San Francisco may only be 7 x 7 miles in size, but New York is many, many times bigger than that.  And there were people galore! I have not seen so many people concentrated in one place since I went to Taiwan earlier this year. 

I ended up spending a good part of my time meeting and catching up with old friends, which was awesome. But when it came to capturing New York, I was only able to capture a few shots of Central Park and one of Ladurée (I made sure that the famed Parisian macaron shop would be on my list of must-visits). Could be worse, I suppose. The weather was gorgeous, and I had a great time.

Next time, though, I need at least a week in New York!