O Brother, Where Art Thou?

These are my brothers. We hang out. ย We have a good time. ย We look alike. ย Our favorite pastime is sending awkwardly close-up selfies to each other in group texts. The one on the left is older. ย The one on the right is younger. ย I’m the oldest. ย The youngest just turned 21. ย So they came to […]

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Last Summer Hurrah (in Napa, CA)

From a technical, Western standpoint, summer is still here.ย  The autumn equinox isn’t occurring for another seven days.ย  A week. Yet it already feels like fall.ย  The days are crisp, and the everything feels fragile and delicate.ย  I grow melancholy in the evenings as the shadows grow long too soon.ย  Long days shorten.ย  Nights grow […]

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Roses in Napa

Somewhere along the way, I was lost.ย  But then I found myself.ย  Or, at least, pieces of myself.ย  Step by step, like Hansel and Gretel picking up the crumbs they left behind, I am following the crumbs of who I am. I’ve gone through many iterations of “me-ness.”ย  My haecceity.ย  (That’s a new word I […]

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Ending a Roll

Shooting film means shooting in sets of 16, 24, or 36 frames.ย  What ends up happening sometimes is that I don’t quite finish a roll, and then I’m left with a few extra frames to shoot before I can bring the roll in to be developed (I hate waste!). Last time this happened, I grabbed […]

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Sunset Views: Albany Bulb

Sunsets on the horizon.ย  The weather’s been getting colder, and the winter rains are coming.ย  Wrapped in a fuzzy blanket next to a pile of sweet smelling, fresh laundry, I find my mind wandering.ย  Wandering over the last year.ย  Wandering through the photos, the places, and the people.ย  Wondering what I’ll do and where I’ll […]

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