Star Wars Marathon Party

I’m waiting on the development of some film, so for the time being, I give you– Baby Darth Vader!  Hello, young padawan . . . Over Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend, I hosted a Star Wars marathon watching party at my boyfriend’s house.  Yes, that epic, epic space opera by George Lucas.  You know […]

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Exploring the Marin Headlands

Let me just put this out there. Selfies. Are ridiculous. Now, I appreciate the occasional good selfie, but when people are hanging out the sunroof of a car while driving along a road in order to get a selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background—well, that’s just dumb. I prefer, instead, to jostle […]

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Hello 2015!

I’m not much one for new year’s resolutions because I dislike the idea that resolutions generally happen on new year’s, and that I generally allow myself to fail them because trying to keep track of and succeed at so many resolutions is overwhelming (excuses, excuses, I know!). Instead, I choose to make my resolutions throughout […]

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