Roses in Napa

Somewhere along the way, I was lost.Β  But then I found myself.Β  Or, at least, pieces of myself.Β  Step by step, like Hansel and Gretel picking up the crumbs they left behind, I am following the crumbs of who I am. I’ve gone through many iterations of “me-ness.”Β  My haecceity.Β  (That’s a new word I […]

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Taipei Cafe Dreaming

  Every now and then I have an out-of-body experience.Β  This isn’t to say that I actually leave my body and experience the supernatural.Β  Rather, I am suddenly thrust into the realization that the life I live is truly what I’m experiencing.Β  It isn’t someone else’s story that I’m reading or watching pass by. No. […]

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