Night Visions of San Francisco

SF Night Cityline - Bay Bridge SF Night Cityscape

There’s something calm and serene about a city at night. When the waters of the San Francisco Bay lie just so, and the glow of the city casts an orange shadow of light into the sky, I can’t help but smile. It transforms the mundane into the mystical. It’s Christmas lights on all year round.

I was so immersed in my life living within San Francisco that, for the first four years, I barely noticed my city. And what I mean by that isn’t that I didn’t notice the exquisite gems of food, art, and vibrant life contained within San Francisco (Who could miss those?), but that I never got a chance to see all of San Francisco in all of its brilliance. (Couldn’t see the forest for the trees, eh?) Then, I began working in the East Bay, and on my drive home, I would catch my breath time and time again. San Francisco is freaking beautiful!

The shots above were taken a few months ago on Treasure Island, an island just a short bridge hop across the Bay Bridge from San Francisco. San Francisco’s skyline is slowly changing—additional high rises are being built. In a few decades, I think a retake of these photos will look very different.

[Taken with a Canon Rebel T1i.]

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