Waiting for . . . #Stormageddon?

San Francisco Fog and Trees

It’s been a moody day.

Tomorrow will be moodier.

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA Devil's Teeth Bakery Coffee, San Francisco, CA

People all over the country have been flipping out about the incoming rainstorm to California (and the rest of the West Coast). Goodness knows we need this rain, after the terrible drought earlier this year. When I stopped by Photoworks SF earlier today to drop off film for developing, they had tarp and sandbags at the ready, propped against the base of the entrance of their shop. Talk about prepared . . . !

I even got a few nervous phone calls from my mother, who discovered the pending storm via the news on the East Coast.  She suggested I run go over to my boyfriend’s. His house is in the East Bay, a bit more inland than mine house is. But, considering how my house is barely 1.5 miles from the beach, I suppose almost everywhere is more inland than where I am.

I declined the trek out to the East Bay.  Instead, I shall be holed up in my house. My method of prepared-ness isn’t tarp and sandbags at my front door (although I may pile everything on top of my desk tonight). Rather, it was stopping to pick up ingredients for a day in tomorrow. I already have plans to make green tea financiers (from David Lebovitz’s book, Ready for Dessert), drink coffee and wine, and finish reading 1Q84, by the inimitable Haruki Murakami.

I imagine that the beach is going to look a little rougher than it did when I took those photos a few months ago. It’ll be unlikely that I can get a cup of coffee from Devil’s Teeth Bakery, but, I suppose, home brewed Blue Bottle Coffee (Yes, I’m spoiled) will have to do.  And, depending on the strength of the storm, I may wander out to get photos.

In the meantime, here’s a view of sunny (hazy?) San Francisco!  (Photo taken from the Berkeley Marina.)

Sunny San Francisco and Haze

Ciao until next time!  For those of you waiting out this storm, stay safe and dry!

4 thoughts on “Waiting for . . . #Stormageddon?

  1. I am offically jelous to hear that you live so near the sea, despite the odd storm. I checked the sky last night and there was only one moon.


    1. Yeah, I grew up far from the ocean, so having the Pacific so close is a luxury. But I don’t really take advantage of it as much as I should. San Francisco beaches are COLD! 😀 I usually end up bundled up when I head out that way.

      Couldn’t see the moon last night for the rain clouds. Last I checked, there was only one moon. So no 2Q14 for us, hey?


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