(T-Minus 7) A Thankful Ten Days Before Christmas: Flower Power

Flower Power - Tulips!

I am freezing. I’m sheathed in multiple layers (I have leggings on under my pants), have a woolen hat on, and a scarf is wrapped around my head, face, and neck like a hungry, pink-and-white-checkered boa constrictor trying to devour me, its ice cube prey.

No joke. I wear my hat and scarf for warmth. The people currently sitting around me (hipsters, all of them!) are wearing paper-thin shirts and shorts. They don hats and scarves to be ironic. Or something. The people filtering in and out of this café are probably wondering what’s wrong with me. I live in San Francisco. It’s not actually that cold. I’m just weak. As. Eff.

In any case, what I’m thankful for today is not my inability to deal with the cold. Instead . . .

Day -7: I am thankful for flowers

Flower Power

[The photographs of the flowers in this post are a bit older and were all taken by my Canon Rebel T1i over the last year or so.]

There’s nothing quite like a bouquet of flowers to brighten up a room, eh? When I first started buying flowers “just because,” I declared to my mother: “You know you have too much money when you’re buying flowers just because.”

Only problem with that statement is that I don’t actually have “too much money.” I’ve come to realize that, as much as fresh flowers are a luxury, they really make a huge difference in my life. First, they brighten up a room considerably. Haven’t you seen a dahlia or ranunculus that takes your breath away? Aren’t all other things are forgotten? Even just for a brief second? The bursts of color provide warmth on dreary days and distract from the fact that your house or apartment needs to be cleaned or that your life has been crap for the last few days or a whole host of other issues.

The seasonal changes of flower bloom means that every few months, a new round of gorgeous blooms end up on my coffee or dining room tables.

What are these?

And I’m happy.

Is it cold where you are? What’s your favorite flower?

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