(T-Minus 5) A Thankful Ten Days Before Christmas: Photography and the Little Things

Little Things and Photography

I get the distinct feeling that my eyes look more goldfish than human.  Today, anyway.  I’ve been feeling like a sick monkey all day.  My head feels like a time bomb, ready to explode, and my nose is bright red and about to fall off my face, I’ve rubbed it so much.  I’ve gone through a lot of tissues today. It didn’t help that I spent the entire day running errands.  Hurray, Christmastime and Christmas shopping . . .  [moans]

Anyway, I digress.  This post is a few minutes late, but let’s talk about what I’m thankful for today.

Day -5: I am thankful for photography and the little things

My friend, Derick, introduced me to my first DSLR camera in 2008.  I had been photographing and blogging about food prior to then with various point-and-shoots.  When I got that camera, the “Ah-ha!” light bulb came on, and I began shooting (a ton of food) and pretty much anything around me, trying to grasp what aperture, ISO, and all those fancy photography terms meant.  I’m still learning, but I like to think I’ve come a long way since I started.

Peeking inside a car

Photography’s become a method of expression for me.  In combination with my (rather verbose) writing, I see it as a de-stressor, a creative outlet, and a way to explore my surroundings.  Seeing things through a camera lens is both . . . limiting and  liberating.

I say “liberating” in the sense that, behind a camera lens, the world is laid bare at your feet.  It’s been a challenge, as a photographer, to push my limits on exploring and being brave enough to pull my camera out and shoot.  Leaving my comfort zone, whether in my career, my personal life, or in photography, is scary but exhilarating. 

Vintage Cameras Vintage Cameras

Plus, vintage cameras are the best.  They’re hefty and unique, and look stunning on my shelves.

(I don’t tend to photograph much in my room– it’s small and crowded, and my window is barely larger than a postage stamp, which means lighting is horrendous.)

Little Things

I am also thankful for all the little things that make life worthwhile.  A tiny Tin-Tin doll, for example.  My chalk pastels.  A tiny Tabasco sauce bottle and mini jar of ketchup.  Or a bottle that I plan to make limoncello in.  (I’ll post when that happens, I promise!)  Little things are what keep me sane on a daily basis. 

And I’m also thankful that, after a day of misery, I’m about to crawl into a warm bed and allow my sinuses to rest.  Good night, friends!

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