Exploring the Marin Headlands

Chris the Photographer
Do you see what I mean when I say he always gets in my shots?

Let me just put this out there. Selfies. Are ridiculous.

Now, I appreciate the occasional good selfie, but when people are hanging out the sunroof of a car while driving along a road in order to get a selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background—well, that’s just dumb.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA Northern San Francisco

I prefer, instead, to jostle with the other million tourists crowding along the narrow road winding through the Marin Headlands, and (possibly, maybe, just a little bit illegally) park on the grass, and finally, elbowing other people out of the way, get a shot. It came out okay, I think.

By the way, if you’re interested in exploring San Francisco and getting a good shot of the city, check out the Marin Headlands and Point Bonita.  The hike up the Marin Headlands is windy, but not too difficult, and you can wander to see the Point Bonita Lighthouse.  The Point Bonita Lighthouse is, in and of itself, a fun visit, but you also get to see the vastness of the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as the northern part of San Francisco.

As those of you who live in San Francisco or the Bay Area know, the Golden Gate Bridge was closed this past weekend, so these photos are from a couple weeks ago, as we were coming back into the city to meet up some friends for dinner. The sun was setting, and the bright reflection of the sun was radiant against the high rises in San Francisco. Absolutely stunning!

Sunset from the Marin Headlands

Some facts about the Golden Gate Bridge:

  • It was completed in 1937.
  • It was named “Golden Gate” because it spans the Golden Gate Strait. Capt. John C. Fremont named it “Chyrsoplyae,” or “Golden Gate,” because it reminded him of “Chrysoceras,” or “Golden Horn” in Istanbul.
  • As of this post, it is the 9th longest bridge in the world. The Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan, the Xihoumen Bridge in China, and the Great Belt East Bridge in Denmark are now the three longest bridges in the world.

4 thoughts on “Exploring the Marin Headlands

    1. Thank you! Indeed– I love going there to shoot. The last two times I’ve been, it was just as an on-the-way home stop, and there really way too many cars for us to seriously consider stopping without feeling like we would get run over. Will definitely be trying to get out there a little more in the near future and get some nice shots. 🙂


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