Art Show! Eha Comics


It’s always great to see my friends succeed at their passions. My friend Eddie is one of these friends. In addition to being a great lawyer in San Francisco, he is an awesome comic book artist. Eddie is the author and artist behind ehacomics (Instagram and Twitter).  

I recently had the privilege of attending the launch of Eddie’s and ehacomics’ second comic book, Wish the World at Second Act Market. I photographed the launch of his first book in 2009, and I’ve really enjoyed following the transformation and evolution of Eddie’s art. 


I wasn’t at the event in a photographer-capacity, but I brought my camera along. It was a perfect chance to try out ISO 1600 film in low light settings. I wasn’t completely happy with the resulting photographs. The grain wasn’t my favorite, and I think I’ll need to play with this film a little bit more before I’m comfortable shooting with it. 



But Eddie enjoyed them (he said they had a film noir-esque quality), so I’m satisfied! 



Cheers to more art in the world! Go check out Eddie’s work if you haven’t already. 

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