Climbing a Mountain (Figuratively)


I think it’s the 79th anniversary of Golden Gate Bridge. Happy birthday, dude.  You rock.  Keep on going.


This used to be my view every. Single. Day.

I miss it.

It probably still could be my view, if I didn’t mind paying an arm, a leg, and my firstborn (and possibly my second) in order to afford rent in San Francisco.  I have come to the conclusion that those kids living n San Francisco (they’re all kids, no matter their age) must fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Independently wealthy (from the parents or perhaps because they sold their start up for at least $500 billion)
  2. Work at one of the few places that pay enough salary to accommodate for housing prices in San Francisco
  3. Under the age of 35, childless, and relatively new to San Francisco

I do miss it.


I am flying to Hong Kong tomorrow.  It’s the eve before I fly, and I haven’t even finished packing.

Oops.  I should get started on that.

But before I do, some background about these images.  These are all photos of the Golden Gate Bridge from different vantage points. These were taken over the course of the past few months.  Look at the hills: they’re still green, which means we were still enjoying a Northern California spring at the time I took these photos.

Nowadays, those hills are yellow in hue.  We’re not called the “Golden State” for nothing.  Those hills are pure gold.

So these photos were all taken after work one day.  Some days, when I drive in to the City after work, I take a break from the traffic to seek out the Marin Headlands and the Golden Gate Bridge.


How is this not absolutely breathtaking?

When I took this photo, I had to shove a middle school kid aside and out of my way.  (Punks!)  It looked like a school field trip to the Golden Gate Bridge.  Dozens upon dozens of students getting into my shot.  So I was lucky to get a few.


It’s been a long week.  Maybe it’s time to go pack.

See you in Hong Kong.

//35mm film photos of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge taken from the Marin side.  If you look carefully, you can see Sutro Tower in the background.

4 thoughts on “Climbing a Mountain (Figuratively)

  1. I’m now living in North Carolina and I sure do miss being home and able to drive to SF in 2hrs. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. I would have loved to see this bridge when I was in the area last spring. Alas, I ended up in South San Francisco, which is charming in its own right, but not convenient while on a business trip to travel to see the bridge. Hopefully another day.

    P.S.: one great thing about living in Indiana is the cost of living. If I told you what I paid for my 3BR brick ranch on 1/3 acre, you’d cry.

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    1. You definitely have to come back! I’ve been living in this area for 8+ years, and I still haven’t finished shooting all its facets (including more photos of the GG bridge– never too many photos of that bridge!).

      Also, please don’t tell me the cost of living of Indiana. I will cry. Most definitely. I do whenever I leave the Bay Area and check prices of houses triple the size of mine.. Tears!


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