Meet me in Miami

Those are my toes.

You can barely see them in the black and white photo, but they’re there, lacquered toes camouflaged against the pale stones in the clear blue of the Atlantic Ocean.  The water was warm, and, even at 8 a.m. in the morning, the sun was beating down on my head, reminding me that an East Coast Sun is fierce when it wants to be.


I was in Miami earlier this year for work.  Those are my colleagues pictured above.  We like to think we’re an interesting bunch.  We spent five days in a conference room with the shades drawn and the projector screen running on high.  Super, duper interesting.  Right?

I kid.  It was sad, considering where we were.





One would think that time spent in Miami would mean hours on the beach, basking in the sun.

One would think

Alas, we spent the week indoors, with only moments of time during our breaks to catch up and enjoy the briefest of moments in the sunshine.  What a tease.

The last time I was in Miami was during my senior year spring break.  Oh…. that was a good time.  



It’s definitely a different experience when you’re an adult and visiting on business.



There was only one morning that I managed to get up early and stumble down to the beach.  Most of these shots came from that morning.  My hotel had some pretty cool lawn space right by the water.  It included a giant chess set.



We also had one day of bonding activity, where we all piled into a catamaran and sailed around the bay.  Beautiful sunset, beautiful weather.


We found a sand bank that was raised and allowed us to wade out into the middle of the bay, knee-deep.  The warm water swirling around our calves was nice, after having spent the week cooped up.  It was already nearly twilight, but every moment of fresh air was heaven.





A few of my colleagues from the U.S. and from Brazil are pictured above.  Hello!


I wasn’t brave enough to go that deep into the water.  Besides, I didn’t bring a swimsuit, and I definitely have no plans on being in a swimsuit near my colleagues!  Maybe next year (although I hear that next year we are going to New York).



//35mm black and white film photography taken by my Canon AE-1 in Miami, FL, May 2017.

3 thoughts on “Meet me in Miami

  1. Hi Jeanne, the photos are just mind-blowing. I have enjoyed the photos extremely, being a newbie photographer I have learnt so many important tactics of photography from this blog post. Greetings!

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