Thoughts – September 7, 2022

Things that run through my mind as I gaze at my two week old daughter:

  • What are you thinking?
  • What’s with all the peach fuzz, downy soft, all over your body, including the light powder puff clouds on your cheeks?
  • You’re kind of hairy.
  • Is that my nose? Are those my eyes? My fingers and toes? What about those lips?
  • Your eyebrows are slowly starting to appear.
  • Your fingers are so long and slender, and your toes are super long, too. They’re so tiny and yet so perfect.
  • Will you sleep enough tonight? Will I?
  • Are you getting enough to eat?
  • How do you trust me so implicitly? Am I worthy of your love and trust?
  • What’s next? For me, for you, for our family?

//35mm photo of ceramics and peppercorns from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito, CA. Many years ago – maybe 2017?

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