(T-Minus 3) A Thankful Ten Days Before Christmas: Traveling

Ridiculous Clouds

Ever since I was an infant, I have been traveling.  My mother managed to haul me and two suitcases full of necessities to Asia before I turned one.  Since then, between moving all over the country with my parents, I consistently returned to Asia every few years to visit my parents’ families.  That’s probably where my travel bug started.

Day -3: I am thankful for the freedom to travel

I still get a thrill every time I’m in an airport.  Even though the majority of my travel nowadays is for work, and I get irrationally angry when my flight is (inevitably) delayed, it’s still fun to feel the liftoff.  And you can capture some pretty awesome shots from the tiny, oval windows of an airplane.


I’ve lived in Spain, and I’ve lived in Taiwan.  I’ve lived on both coasts on the United States, as well as in the deep south.  I still haven’t traveled as much as I want to.  On a limited budget, and with limited time, most of my “travel” is downtown to eat or explore the farmer’s market.

But I can’t complain.  Sometimes a weekend exploring my own city is enough to make me feel like I’ve traveled somewhere exotic.  Like that first photo above, when the clouds flew by, making fantastical patterns in the sky.

Where have you traveled that you want to go back to again?

Sunset from the Tarmac

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