(T-Minus 2) A Thankful Ten Days Before Christmas: Mama and Papa Yang

Mom and DadI may be somewhat biased— okay, I’m definitely biased— but my parents are the cutest parents on the face of the planet.

Day -2: I am thankful for my parents

There isn’t enough I can say about my parents to express my gratitude for them raising and loving and caring for me. Where does one start?

Mom in a Park

My mom—I talk to my mother daily. She’s full of stories from her childhood, the newest gossip from her friends’ friends’ friends (you know how it is), and general advice about life. One of these days, I’ll write down the stories she tells me. They are absolutely fascinating. She’s fiercely protective of her children, so don’t ever think about messing with us! Her English is surprisingly good (although she refuses to admit it), and is the result of years of reading the Washington Post from cover to cover, watching her favorite American and British TV shows, and just generally being a very educated, up-to-date lady.  Plus, she’s hilarious.

Mom "Working Out" Fall TreesMom and DadMy dad—he’s a bit more of your stoic, rather reticent Asian Dad. It’s hard to get photos of him– This is a man who refuses to obtain a cellular mobile. Our conversations usually occur accidentally when he picks up the phone and I’m on the other end. Sometimes he will awkwardly try to carry on a conversation if my mother’s unavailable, but THE SECOND she wanders into view, he immediately states “OH! Your mother’s here. Okay, bye.” The next thing I hear is my mother saying, “Uh, hello?” I could be mid-sentence, but he’s already handed the phone over. Ah, but he cares about his children. And his witticisms, often cringe-worthy, were a staple of our lives growing up.

I am supremely thankful to have had two wonderful people to look up to my entire life. I love them without reserve. I can’t wait until the next time I go home to see them!

[Photos taken with a Canon AE-1 in Maryland, except for the last one, which was taken by my Rebel T1i.]

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