Santa Cruz Life – Summer Living

Down to Earth

It’s been a while.  Hello, Internet!  Hello, summer!

A couple posts back, I announced that I had received a job offer.  Then I promptly fell off the face of the planet.  My Instagram account has remained fairly active, but the number of posts subsided, and my online presence at home took a deep dive.

Carnival Life

Let me tell you what’s happened since then:  I took the job.  I went to San Diego for a family reunion (future post!).  I started the job.  I began the long process of learning everything I could about this field in order to catch up on what I should know.  My roommates and I decided to move out of our house in San Francisco.  I flew to Texas for a good friend’s wedding where we spent a day lounging on a boat and I rediscovered my childhood (posts will be forthcoming).  Immediately flew from Texas to New Jersey for work training.  I flew to Chicago for work event.  I moved out of my house in San Francisco.

In short, my life has been nonstop since I accepted my job. 


I’m finally settling down enough to post some photos from previous adventures.  With luck (and a good old kick in the pants), I’ll be back to posting here regularly.  That also means I need to take that box full of finished rolls in for development. 

In the meantime, these are photos from our last trip to Santa Cruz, CA. In light of the approaching Fourth of July holiday, I figured– what’s more American than a Boardwalk and carnival fun at the beach with beer and good friends?


Santa Cruz BoardwalkSanta Cruz Collage

Pacific Ocean

Summer Living

// 35mm film shot with my Canon AE-1 in Santa Cruz in April 2015 of this year.  Top photo is of Down to Earth beer by 21st Amendment Brewery.

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    1. Thanks!! I think I was using Kodak Portra ISO 400 color film for those photos. I’m still playing around with the type of film I use to try to find my favorite. So far, Portra and Ektar are my top choices. Beautiful grain (and hefty price tag…) and vibrant colors!

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