Coffee Dreams

I’ve been frequenting a lot of coffee shops in San Francisco lately.  I get cabin fever easily, and I feel the incessant urge to leave my house each day.  Generally, I try to save money by making coffee at home (San Francisco coffee is expensive!), but I sometimes give in to my inner demons and […]

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Inspiration: Looking Up

I recently went to a talk given by Pei Ketron (@pketron, Penelope’s Loom) in the Apple Store of downtown San Francisco. Her talk was a part of Apple’s #startsomethingnew campaign, and it was the first time I decided to get “out there” and meet someone new from the Instagram world. Pei’s photography is beautiful, crisp, […]

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Exploring the Marin Headlands

Let me just put this out there. Selfies. Are ridiculous. Now, I appreciate the occasional good selfie, but when people are hanging out the sunroof of a car while driving along a road in order to get a selfie with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background—well, that’s just dumb. I prefer, instead, to jostle […]

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(T-Minus 8) A Thankful Ten Days Before Christmas: Nighttime Strolls

My friends thought I was crazy. “You go for walks at night? Through the Tenderloin*?” Repeated questions spoken with incredulity. Um, yes. Walks at night. Through the Tenderloin. Once you’ve made it past Taylor and Market in the direction of Union Square, you’re golden.  Just, uh, don’t tell my mother. *The “Tenderloin” is one of […]

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Waiting for . . . #Stormageddon?

It’s been a moody day. Tomorrow will be moodier. People all over the country have been flipping out about the incoming rainstorm to California (and the rest of the West Coast). Goodness knows we need this rain, after the terrible drought earlier this year. When I stopped by Photoworks SF earlier today to drop off […]

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Night Visions of San Francisco

There’s something calm and serene about a city at night. When the waters of the San Francisco Bay lie just so, and the glow of the city casts an orange shadow of light into the sky, I can’t help but smile. It transforms the mundane into the mystical. It’s Christmas lights on all year round. […]

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